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Hi, I'm Melody!

Ever dreamt of watching your blog traffic soar without lifting a finger?


Create Pinterest magic with me!


I love designing show-stopping pins and geeking out over data-driven strategies, ensuring a completely hands-off experience for you.


Let’s turn those pageviews up while you keep creating the content you love!

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If you're wondering about the person behind this Pinterest magic, here's a bit about my journey

I’m what you’d call an introvert’s introvert. The hustle and bustle of conventional jobs, combined with my social anxiety, never quite sat right with me.


Instead, I’ve always sought solace in the virtual realm, which led me to discover the power of Pinterest. Back in 2012, when Etsy shops were all the rage, I found success by leveraging Pinterest for my own little store.


And wow, did it work wonders!


Fast forward to 2019, with dreams of exploring every nook and cranny of the world and a severe case of itchy feet, I decided to dive deeper. I set out to help bloggers amplify their reach, all through the enchanting world of Pinterest marketing.


And why, you ask, food, homesteading, gardening, and all things self-reliance?


Well, because these are the niches I’m genuinely passionate about. Every pin and every strategy I craft is fueled by my own interest and love for these topics.


If you’re in the realm of wholesome home-cooked meals or the joy of cultivating your own garden, you’re in the right place.

From 0 to 110k+ pageviews in 14 months

In June 2022, I began with an untouched, never-before-pinned account with zero boards, and after 14 months, this blogger is bringing in over 110,000 clicks straight from Pinterest.


Patience truly is a virtue with Pinterest marketing, but when those results roll in, they make every moment worth it.

Pinterest Marketing Success Story

Fun facts about me:

I live in a van full time — My partner and I work remotely while traveling and exploring the US in our van. #vanlife

I’m a serial crafter — I love crafting and making things with my hands. 

Certified foodie — I love to cook and learn new recipes and techniques. Lately, I’m all about BBQ and getting the best extraction out of coffee beans

Canva designer — I have a Canva template shop here where I design and sell templates for bloggers. From social media templates to ebooks!

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