About Me

Hi, I’m Melody!

I really love design, being outside in nature, cooking, and traveling. As a maker and doer of many creative hobbies, I needed a way to save ideas, recipes, and inspiration all in one place. As you may have guessed, Pinterest is the place for all of those things!

And because I live full-time out of my van, I needed a way to make an income from the road that allowed me the flexibility and freedom to continue traveling. As a result, I founded Pintuitive Services.

Now I spend my day helping bloggers and entrepreneurs find success through Pinterest marketing with beautiful, eye-catching pin-worthy images.


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Foraging Miner's Lettuce

“Fusing my love of innovation and Pinterest together, Pintuitive Services was born. ”

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Pintuitive Designs 

There’s something so satisfying about creating pin designs from scratch.

All of my Pinterest pin templates are designed by me for the creators, makers, and doers out there that want to reap the benefit of having eye-catching pins.

Whether there’s not enough time in your day to make fresh pins or you lack the eye for design, I have plenty of handmade pin-worthy designs that will enhance your homestead or self-reliance business’s rustic, homegrown aesthetic.  


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