Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Effective date: 9/3/2023


At Pintuitive Services, we genuinely value the trust you place in us, and we want to assure you upfront: we have no intentions of ever selling your personal information.


In line with our steadfast commitment to transparency and in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), this policy has been designed to provide our esteemed California users with clarity about their rights concerning their personal data.


Your Explicit Right to Opt-Out

Even though we don’t have plans to sell your data, we believe in empowering you. If you are a California resident, you retain the right to request that Pintuitive Services never sell your personal information.


Defining “Selling” in This Context

For clarity, under the CCPA, “selling” means sharing, disseminating, or transferring your personal information to third parties in exchange for value, even if no actual money changes hands.


How to Exercise Your Opt-Out Right

Should you wish to exercise your right to opt out – for peace of mind or any other reason – kindly send an email to Even though we don’t intend to sell, we will take note and ensure your preferences are respected.


Unwavering Commitment to Fair Treatment

Rest assured, your decisions regarding your data will not impact the quality of service or experience you receive from Pintuitive Services. We pledge not to subject any user to discriminatory practices based on their data preferences.


Regarding Authorized Agents

If you employ an authorized agent to relay your opt out request, we may seek verification to ensure they authentically represent your wishes.


Updates to This Policy

While our core values remain unchanged, the specifics of our policies might see periodic updates for clarity and compliance. Any modifications will be signaled by a change in the effective date at the top of this document. It’s always a good idea to stay informed by revisiting this policy occasionally.


Questions or Clarifications?

If anything remains unclear or if you have inquiries about our data practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our dedicated team is always on hand to assist and clarify.


Your trust is paramount to us. Thank you for being a cherished member of the Pintuitive Services community. We pledge to honor your privacy choices and uphold the highest standards of transparency and integrity.