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pages from the Pinterest keyword planner for homestead bloggers

Friends don’t let friends pin blindly!

Ever have a brilliant idea for a blog pops into your head? You get to work on writing it out, taking beautiful photos, creating eye-catching pins, and scheduling them to Pinterest.

Anxiously you wait for the website traffic to roll in. Only, it doesn’t. Your post was a total flop.

Does that sound familiar?

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Stop playing the guessing game

Researching relevant, trending Pinterest keywords that your target audience is searching for before you start writing your blog post not only will save you time but it’ll also:

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If your goal for 2022 is to grow your engagement on Pinterest, you’ll need this 20 page Pinterest Keyword Planner on hand!

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Foraging for wild rhubarb in spring

Hi, I’m Melody!

I’ve made it my mission to help homestead and self-reliance bloggers grow traffic to their websites with Pinterest marketing.

I’ve chosen to work exclusively with the self-reliance niches I’m passionate about in the hope that more and more people discover the value of learning traditional skills that help us remember what it’s like to connect to the land around us.