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The Homestead Blogger’s Guide to Pinterest Marketing

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If you’re a beginner homestead blogger, you may find yourself wondering how to use Pinterest marketing to grow traffic and create awareness for your blog’s great content — gardening, herbal remedies, seasonal food recipes, and every other niche topic that goes along with your self-reliant lifestyle blog.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through invaluable ways to amplify your brand awareness to meet your Pinterest marketing goals as a homestead blogger.

the homestead blogger's guide to Pinterest Marketing

What is your Pinterest marketing goal?

Before you take a deep dive into learning everything about Pinterest marketing, it’s a good idea to first identify what your goal is and how it’ll set up your homestead blog for future success.

Generate pageviews & capture email opt-ins

If your goal is to generate more pageviews (hello, increase in ad revenue!) and ultimately, capture more email opt-ins, Pinterest marketing can help with both.

Even if you’re not monetizing your homestead blog with ads, you can entice users with eye-catching Pinterest images to click over to your website and subscribe to your growing email list.

Generate physical or digital product sales

Maybe your goal is to generate more physical or digital product sales, like eBooks or courses. With 440+ million monthly active users on Pinterest, it’s a safe bet your product will be in front of the eyes of a lot of them.

Pintuitive Canva Template Shop

Once you’ve solidified your Pinterest marketing goal, it’s time to reach for it. With a little strategy and a few useful Pinterest marketing tools, you’ll be making it rain Pinterest traffic each and every month!

Find Pinterest keyword trends for your homestead blog

Have you tried Pinterest Trends to search key terms of what your target audience might be looking to discover on the platform?

Simply type in a keyword you want to rank for to see when and if Pinterest users are searching for it.

In the screenshot below, notice how Pinterest Trends shows searches over time for your keywords, related terms, and (not pictured) popular pins containing those keywords. Pretty neat, huh?

pinterest homestead trends The Homestead Blogger's Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Having a tool that offers this kind of insight is priceless when it comes to Pinterest marketing and I use it to help plan all my client’s seasonal content.

Free Pinterest keyword planner for homestead bloggers

Finding high-quality keywords related to your niche is a great way to write homestead blog posts that solve a problem that your target audience is searching for on the platform.

I put together a 20 page PDF Pinterest keyword planner for homestead bloggers that includes 300 trending keywords specific to the homestead blog niche. You can download a copy by filling out the form below!

Make your homestead blog Pinterest-friendly

Now that you have access to the only Pinterest keyword planner for homestead bloggers, it’s time to ensure your blog is Pinterest-friendly.

When your readers visit your website, for one reason or another, they may want to save your brilliant idea for later. With a few simple widgets and plugins, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: The reader will know you’re on Pinterest (and likely follow you) and also repin your blog post to one of their own boards (generating more exposure for your content).

Making your blog Pinterest-friendly is so essential that I’ve included it in my post, 12 Ways to Guarantee Your Blog Will Flourish on Pinterest.

Promote a Pinterest board that’s relevant to your homestead blog post

Pinterest has an awesome widget builder tool that can be used to easily create widgets and buttons for your blog posts. I love this tool and it’s totally free!

Pick one of your favorite Pinterest boards that’s relevant to a topic you’re writing about and add it at the end of your post. This does two things: It reminds your readers that you’re on Pinterest and it shows them other similar ideas that they may be interested in learning more about.

Use social share plugins

Investing in an easy-to-use social share plugin is imperative to curating a space that’s Pinterest-friendly. Below you’ll find two of my favorite Pinterest marking tools for bloggers:

Grow by Mediavine

The Grow by Mediavine WordPress plugin is so simple to use and it’s no wonder why it’s rated almost five stars by its users. It’s inexpensive, has some great features, and it does exactly what you want it to.
This user-friendly and customizable plugin is one my blog won’t ever go without!


Milo Tree is a little different than Grow in that you can feature a pop-up on your page that will display some of your pins and a button to follow you on Pinterest (or any social channel of your fancy).
This plugin is such a great way to gain new followers on Pinterest!

Create pin-worthy images for your homestead blog

With patience, practice, and a few simple pin hacks, even someone with all thumbs when it comes to design can create eye-catching Pinterest images, especially with the help of the web-based graphic design platform, Canva.

Designing pin-worthy images for your homestead blog can be hard to do. But as long as you’re following Pinterest’s creative best practices, you’re giving your pins the best chance of thriving within the Pinterest ecosystem and generating traffic back to your website.

Have a homestead project or recipe video on your blog already? Repurpose it into a beautiful Pinterest video or story pin!

Visit my Canva template shop page or click through the image below to see a collection of my latest Pinterest image Canva templates for homestead bloggers.

Pinterest Canva Templates for Homestead Bloggers on green background

Let your followers know you’re on Pinterest

If you have amassed a following on Instagram, Facebook, or email, let everyone know you’re now on Pinterest and that they can find and share your content on the platform.

I recently let a client’s Facebook audience know she was on Pinterest and her readers were appreciative that I brought it to their attention.

How to schedule your seasonal content on Pinterest

Homesteading and self-reliance blog niches are different in that most (not all) of the content you’re going to publish is highly seasonal. Whether it’s DIY raised garden beds, spring foraging guides, or elderberry recipes, you need to pin that content right before your target audience begins searching for those ideas on Pinterest.

In my helpful guide, How to Schedule Pinterest Seasonal Content Easily with Tailwind, I’ll walk you through how exactly you should be scheduling your content to go along with the seasons. It also includes exclusive access to the free version of my Pinterest seasonal content spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

How to Schedule Pinterest Seasonal Content


I help self-reliance bloggers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses with a seasonal content Pinterest marketing strategy that converts.


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