How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000%

How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000% Instantly

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I increased Pinterest traffic to my client’s website by 4,000% in 4 months compared to the same time last year by easily improving 3 things! 

“I’m trying to get my blog off the ground and drive organic Pinterest traffic to my website, but no matter what I do, my new pins are gaining no traction and my traffic is dropping. Help!”

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there, heck, I’m still there! Convincing users to stop scrolling and click through to your blog or product page can be downright frustrating at times, but I’m here to tell you, it can and will get better. All the hard work you put into creating quality content wasn’t in vain and can still go viral on Pinterest

You’re playing the long game when it comes to Pinterest!


How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000%

Archived Underperforming Group Boards

My client, Adamant Kitchen is a food blogger with less than 1,000 followers on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I didn’t screenshot any before stats from her account when I first performed her Pinterest account audit. Here are her monthly viewers and followers at present:
Adamant Kitchen How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000% Instantly
After I conducted a Pinterest audit of my client’s Pinterest profile, meticulously going through all the keywords in her titles, boards, and pin descriptions, I compiled a list of new, more relevant keywords that could help improve said descriptions and as a result, produce more clicks.
From there, I moved on to her Tailwind account. Okay, everything looks set up well, but let me check on all these group boards…
Holy cow! If you can believe it, my client had over 30 group boards. I’m sure you can imagine my jaw dropping to the floor as I made this discovery. I still shudder when I think of it.


Anywho, I narrowed them down to the best performing boards based on the number of repins and each board’s engagement score. In my initial report, I recommended to my client which boards we should keep and that the rest should be achieved.
Client Group Boards How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000% Instantly

Why did I do this?

Because Pinterest group boards can hurt your account in the long run and could be the contributing reason you’re seeing a drop in traffic! When Pinterest first introduced Group Boards, they were meant for family and friends to collaborate to build a board for events like parties, weddings, etc. They weren’t meant to be used by bloggers looking to extend their reach.

This brings us to now, Pinterest caught on to our tricks and has started to downrank pins being repinned from group boards. It’s clear. There isn’t a single account that I manage that has group boards that perform better than personal boards. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pin to them at all, but they’ll become less and less relevant for a business account’s success.

After I stopped pinning my client’s pins to the groups I archived, I tested whether or not it was worth including the ones I kept as part of my pinning schedule, but unsurprisingly, they too underperformed against well SEO’d personal boards.

At this point, the best plan of action was to stop pinning to group boards altogether and focus my efforts on personal boards.

Created Niche-Specific & Keyword-Rich Personal Boards

To recap, we now know that group boards are a big fat nope. The next step I took in improving my client’s success on Pinterest was to create SEO’d personal boards that were specific to her niche. In this case, We’re talking about a blogger specializing in exotic food recipes from all over the world.

Adamant Kitchen Most Repinned Boards How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000% Instantly

Adamant Kitchen already had decent personal board names in place, they just needed some tweaking. For example, instead of “Cookie Recipes”, I added “creative” and “from around the world” which are keywords that someone could search for that are specific to my client’s niche.

I changed a lot of personal boards in this way to better reflect what her website is conveying, exotic meals made in her kitchen.

As a result of my changes, I’ve seen those well SEO’d personal boards reap the repins! Here’s the state her account is in at the time of publishing compared to the last 30 days:

Increased Pinterest Traffic

Created Fresh Pins & Keyword-Rich Titles and Descriptions

Ah, pin design… my favorite topics!

No seriously, I love creating visually compelling pin designs! I can easily create 20 fresh pins in under 15 minutes using a variety of Canva tips, keyword elements, hidden features, and keyboard shortcuts! It’s also one of my favorite Pinterest marketing tools.

Idea pins are also getting a huge bump in the Pinterest algorithm right now and are becoming more and more essential to your Pinterest marketing strategy each day.

Paired with keyword-rich titles and descriptions, pin images are the bread and butter of a successful Pinterest account, so learn how to perform Pinterest SEO correctly.

Adamant Kitchen’s pin designs are minimal and while they still typically do well, they may lack click-worthiness in some cases. Consider the below pins, they both go to the same URL for Maple Shortbread, and immediately after being pinned, the new fresh pin went viral on Pinterest and continues to do well today:

Maple Shortbread Cookies Old Pin
Before and After Pinterest Images
Maple Shortbread Cookies Fresh Pin

Simply adding, “3 Ingredient” in the pin title and bumping up the brightness on the image, caused this pin to instantly gain traction that has resulted in continuous traffic to my client’s blog post. The fresh pin on the right was first pinned January 19th and by January 23rd, it had already increased Pinterest traffic by 1,000+ clicks.

Google Analytics Pinterest Traffic

Even today, four months later, this is my client’s top-performing pin. How did the traffic compare to before I took over my client’s Pinterest account at the beginning of January? Let’s take a look:

Top Pin How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000% Instantly

Amazing! As you can see, in the four months prior to working together, the traffic to my client’s blog post, Maple Shortbread only received 556 clicks compared to 5,422. That’s around 900 more click-throughs each month.

Wondering if these results are just seasonal? Nope! When I compared the past four months to the same time last year, there was over a 14,000% increase!

Grain Free Maple Shortbread Analytics How I Increased Pinterest Traffic by 4,000% Instantly

Increased Pinterest traffic results

So how much had I increased Adamant Kitchen Pinterest traffic in the four months since I took over her account compared to the same time last year?

Total Pinterest Pageviews

That’s an increase of nearly 4,000% from Pinterest traffic alone! And that number will only increase as her account matures and gains exposure with the addition of video and story pins, a new feature on the Pinterest platform.

How can you get these results or better?

After all of your hard work making fresh pins and high-quality content, stick to a Pinterest seasonal scheduling strategy that has been proven to successfully achieve your end goal, increased Pinterest traffic.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a Pinterest manager and adding Pinterest marketing into your monthly budget, I can confidently tell you, you’ll save yourself a tremendous amount of time and frustration.

Reaching out to someone who knows the Pinterest platform and how to achieve more clicks to your website is a worthy investment in the future success of your business!

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