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Planoly Pin Planner Review: Best Minimalist Pinterest Scheduler

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Planoly Pin Planner is one of only a handful of Pinterest-approved schedulers. In terms of price and ease of use, Planoly for Pinterest outperforms its competition, making this social media scheduler tool the perfect Tailwind alternative for Pinterest. 

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What is Planoly?

Planoly helps its users schedule their content to both Instagram and Pinterest quicker and more efficiently than manually publishing posts to the respective platform.

They were the first visual scheduler for Instagram on the scene back in 2016 and are still a popular choice for the platform today.

In an effort to diversify their product offerings, they introduced the newest addition to their growing list of helpful social media tools, the Planoly Pin Planner two years ago and have been refining it ever since.

What is Planoly Pin Planner?

Planoly Pin Planner makes planning, scheduling, and executing your custom-to-your-brand Pinterest marketing strategy a breeze.

Planoly Pin Planner is pretty uncomplicated and intuitive to use, but in case it’s not immediately apparent, I’ll explain the three tabs on the Plan dashboard —

  • Library: Where are your uploaded pins live
  • Scheduled: Where all your scheduled content lives
  • Published: Where everything that’s been published already lives

You’ll also have additional options at the top of your screen displaying —

  • Campaigns: (paid feature only) Here you’ll be able to create campaigns, which are essentially groups of Pinterest pin images geared towards a specific blog post. Using the campaigns feature, you’ll be able to reuse the same URL and pin description for all of the Pinterest images in your campaign.
  • Analytics: (paid feature only) The Planoly Pin Planner analytics dashboard offers you a clear glimpse into the Pinterest metrics that matter most. You’ll be greeted with your total audience, total engaged audience, and each of your individual pin’s performances.

My first impression of Planoly Pin Planner

I noticed right away that Pin Planner’s web dashboard had a sleek and minimalist design that I found refreshing and unlike other schedulers I’ve tried.

There weren’t any pop-ups asking me to upgrade or glitches (as far as I can tell) preventing me from clicking where I wanted.

For a scheduling tool, it was also surprisingly quick to upload pictures and videos. Not once had the web dashboard frozen up on me or failed to load altogether, unlike some other Pinterest scheduling tools I’ve used.

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Is Planoly an Approved Pinterest Partner?

Yes, they are! Don’t just take my word for it, you can see for yourself on Pinterest’s Approved Partner’s list.

Being official partners means that Pinterest and Planoly will work together to bring us up-to-date information regarding algorithm updates and best practices.

It also means you’re in no danger of being marked for spam because you’re using a third-party scheduling tool. Best of all, using Planoly won’t be the reason for a sudden drop in Pinterest traffic.

How to Use Planoly for Pinterest

You can use Planoly to schedule 30 pins a month when using their free plan or you can sign up for a free 7 day trial of any of their paid plans.

Once you’re signed up, it’s time to link your Pinterest account to Planoly. Simply click, “add Pinterest account” at the top of the dashboard and you’re all set up.

Watch the quick video below to see how easy it is to upload and schedule all of your Pinterest pins.

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Planoly mobile app for Pin Planner

Need to schedule Pinterest pins on the go? The Planoly app has you covered! Download the app from either the Google Play and Apple Store to begin.

My first impression of the Planoly mobile app

Right off the bat, I noticed that the Planoly web dashboard’s sleek and minimalist design carried over to the mobile app.

The library, scheduled, and published tabs are neatly laid out at the top of the Planoly app. It’s also simple to navigate through each tab.

I started a timer as soon as the app downloaded and stopped it when I finished looking through all the tabs and learning how to upload more content to my schedule.

It took all of 2 minutes and 42 seconds! Impressive!

Learn all about the mobile app features with Planoly’s quick video below.

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Planoly Uploader Chrome extension

After installing the Planoly Uploader Chrome extension in your browser, you’ll notice that on blogs and other websites, you’ll gain the ability to pull images in bulk directly to your Planoly library or campaign. 

This time-saving tool is super helpful when you have multiple Pinterest pins hidden within a blog post that you want to schedule with Planoly.

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Planoly pricing plans

Planoly has 4 simple to understand plans that are all reasonably priced, in my opinion. In fact, I’d say, based on price, you’re getting a lot more for your money than with some other social media schedulers.

Free Planoly plan

Ah, the free plan. While this plan is great for getting the feel for some of the basic features before pulling the trigger on a paid plan, it’s pretty limited in terms of how many Pinterest pins you can publish, but hey, it’s totally free!

Who it’s for:

Honestly, beyond using the free account to test the waters, I personally wouldn’t use it for Pinterest scheduling. It’s just too limited in terms of how many pins you can publish.

That said, if you want to use it for only Instagram scheduling, 30 posts per month are plenty.

What you get:

  • Ability to add one Instagram and one Pinterest account
  • 30 uploads per month for each account
  • No ability to add a team member to your account

Pinterest features that are included:

  • The ability to upload standard Pinterest pins (no videos)
  • Basic analytics to track your Pinterest metrics over time

Planoly Solo plan

The Planoly Solo plan is the one I chose for my 7-day free trial and I have to say, I made the right choice for my account.

It meets all of my needs and has more than enough in terms of features and tools to satisfy my marketing strategy for both Instagram and Pinterest.

Who it’s for:

The Planoly Solo plan is for any blogger or solopreneur that’s scheduling all of their own content themselves.

For my Pinterest business account, I only schedule a handful of pins per day and one or two Instagram posts per week, so the Planoly Solo plan is more than sufficient for my needs.

What you get:

  • Ability to add one Instagram and one Pinterest account
  • Unlimited uploads for one of your accounts and 30 uploads per month for the other account (dealer’s choice)
  • 1 team member can be added to your account to help you manage it

Pinterest features that are included:

  • The ability to upload standard Pinterest pins and videos
  • Basic analytics to track your Pinterest metrics over time
  • Save and reuse posting times
  • Pin Planner campaigns

Planoly Pricing:

$7/month (when billed annually). That’s only $84/year!

Planoly Duo plan

The Dup plan shares all of the same features as the Solo plan but has the flexibility to add more team members to your account and unlimited uploads for both of the accounts you choose.

Who it’s for:

The Duo plan is for anyone that wants to use Planoly for either 2 Pinterest or 2 Instagram accounts.

What you get:

  • Ability to add 2 of the same account types or 1 Instagram and 1 Pinterest account
  • Unlimited uploads for both of your accounts
  • 2 team members can be added to your account to help you manage it

Pinterest features that are included:

  • The ability to upload standard Pinterest pins and videos
  • Basic analytics to track your Pinterest metrics over time
  • Save and reuse posting times
  • Pin Planner campaigns

Planoly Pricing:

$15/month (when billed annually).

Planoly Custom plan

One size doesn’t fit all! If you have 2 Pinterest or Instagram accounts that you need a scheduler for, Planoly’s custom plan is for you.

Work with Planoly to create a plan that is customized to your business’s needs.

Who it’s for:

The custom plan is for any entrepreneur or business that manages multiple Instagram and/or Pinterest accounts and needs a more robust plan than the Solo or Duo offer.

What you get:

  • However many social accounts

Pinterest features that are included:

  • A custom number of Instagram and Pinterest accounts
  • Unlimited uploads for all of your accounts
  • A custom number of team members can be added to your account to help you manage it

Planoly Pricing:

Prices for the custom plan start at $23/month when billed annually (It goes without saying that rates go up depending on how many accounts you’ll need).

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What I love about Planoly Pin Planner:

  • Ease of use — Planoly Pin Planner is just so dang easy to use compared to other schedulers. There’s absolutely no learning curve.
  • Affordability — Planoly is hands down the cheapest option out of all the Pinterest-approved schedulers I’ve tried.
  • Features — Planoly Pin Planner isn’t bogged down with too many features. Pages load quickly and are easy to navigate.
  • Pinterest-approved partner — That’s right, Planoly is an official partner with Pinterest and that means they’ll work together to make sure that marketers are always update to date with the latest Pinterest best practices and strategies.
  • Social calendar view — I love that you have the option to view the entire month of scheduled content or only view the scheduled content for the week.

What about Planoly Pin Planner needs work:

  • Scheduled image sizes — The Pin image size under the scheduled and published tab are a bit large for my taste.

Honestly, that’s all I could find fault with at the moment!

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Planoly Pin Planner: How does it hold up after a month of use?

I’ve been splitting half my pins between Planoly and another scheduler and am still loving how minimalist the Planoly Pin Planner is.

There have been zero issues. 

As soon as the annual membership for my other social scheduler is up, I’m planning on making the switch to Planoly for all my Instagram and Pinterest scheduling needs.

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