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You've poured your heart into crafting impeccable blog posts...

but navigating the Pinterest maze feels like deciphering a secret code. Every time you think of pinning your content, the overwhelm kicks in, pushing ‘Mastering Pinterest’ further down your endless to-do list.


Sound familiar?

Let's cross 'Pinterest' off your to-do list and put it on mine!

I’m here to dive deep into the Pinterest maze so you can focus on what you do best.

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From 0 to 110k+ pageviews in 14 months

Check out this real-life Pinterest transformation:


In June 2022, I began with an untouched, never-before-pinned account with zero boards, and after 14 months, this blogger is basking in over 110,000 clicks straight from Pinterest.


Patience truly is a virtue with Pinterest marketing, but when those results roll in, they make every moment worth it. 

Pinterest Marketing Success Story
Pinterest Marketing for Bloggers


6 month commitment required

Pinterest Management

I’ll dive in with fully optimized pins that don’t just look pretty, they convert. From crafting SEO-rich descriptions to curating boards and polishing your profile, I’ve got you covered. Plus, my strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all; they’re custom-tailored using data-driven insights.


So, relax, kick back, and focus on blogging, while I create Pinterest magic!

What you get:

  • Complete Pinterest account audit & optimization
  • In-depth SEO keyword research
  • Optimization of pin titles, descriptions, and boards
  • Custom, data-driven Pinterest strategy
  • Brand-specific, optimized pin creation
  • Daily pinning and scheduling
  • Continuous creation of targeted, optimized boards
  • Monthly analytics report

Account Audit & Action

Consider this your Pinterest makeover.


I’ll dig through every nook and cranny of your account and get to work optimizing everything for you— from SEO keyword research for your pin titles and descriptions to crafting custom pin templates for you to use.


Let’s transform your account from ‘just there’ to ‘can’t miss’!

What you get:

  • In-depth Analysis: Review of your entire account
  • Optimization recommendations: Tailored advice for enhancing your pin titles, descriptions, boards, and pin designs
  • Pin design templates: Two custom Canva templates to kickstart your pin creation
  • Targeted board suggestions: A list of specific Pinterest boards tailored for your audience
  • Hands-on implementation: Upon your nod, I’ll roll up my sleeves and bring all the recommended changes to life


Blogger Focused Pinterest Marketing Services

Why work with me?

I’m your go-to gal to transform your Pinterest presence. No more aimlessly pinning or feeling overwhelmed; together, we’ll make sure your content doesn’t just attend the party but becomes the life of it!

Jumping into the Pinterest world back in 2012 for my Etsy shop was just the beginning. Since 2019, I’ve been partnering with bloggers in the homesteading, gardening, and food preservation niches.


My mission?


Craft a seamless Pinterest experience so you can kick back and focus on your passion. With a knack for pinpointing the Pinterest sweet spots and a solid grip on SEO and pin creation, I’m here to amplify your brand’s voice.

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