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Before checking out the Pinterest marketing services we have to offer, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our friendly terms and conditions. We promise to keep it as simple and as jargon-free as possible!


1. Acceptance of Terms

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2. Changes to the Terms

Sometimes we might need to tweak these terms a bit. Whenever that happens, we’ll update this page and, if it’s a big change, we’ll let you know. Continuous use of our site post-changes means you’re okay with the new terms.


3. Using Pintuitive Services

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8. Liability

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9. Termination

On the off chance we need to terminate or suspend access to our site (for reasons like technical hiccups or security concerns), we reserve that right. We’ll always work to get things up and running again ASAP!


10. Questions?

If you ever have a query, or concern, or just want to chat about our terms, shoot us a message at pintuitiveservices@gmail.com. We’re here to help!


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